New haul from Reddit and Famous


Alright, a bunch of goodies just arrived this past Friday night. Nice way to start the weekend!


New stash of sticks just in from u/perdomohabano from r/cigarmarket. Unfortunately Customs caught this and committed highway robbery charged a hefty duty, those bastards.

I requested a US$90 Mystery Blind sampler of 10 cigars, and got 12 so u/perdomohabano needs to retake his first grade maths test! Haha… Thanks again for the trade.


This lot I order a month or so back, but it’s been sitting in my freight-forwarding warehouse in Portland.

The list from left to right includes:

  • Best of the top rated shade (x8)
  • Liga Undercrown grand toro (x3)
  • Liga Privada 9 robusto
  • Liga Privada T52 belicoso
  • Perdomo Champagne robusto
  • Perdomo Lot 23 robusto
  • My Father 1922 grand robusto (x3)
  • Sucker Punch Lights Out

All are currently in the freezer for the next 4-5 days.


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