New haul from Famous & Reddit


Been a bit under the weather over the past week, and what better way to cheer up with a incoming haul! Unfortunately as can be seen by the green sticker, the Customs man got to it first. This lot cost me $355 in duty, fkn bastards.


I put a stack of assessories in there to try and throw them off the scent but it didnt work this time.


Viola! Starting to get a hard on. In the back you can see from left-to-right:

  • 12 69% 60g Bovedo packs
  • a small 8-count traveldor
  • Vertigo triple jet lighter & an 80 ringer gauge cutter (wtf!) and
  • cutters and other crap.


Courtesy of u/ihateroomates via r/cigarmarket, got this top quality sampler including:

  • Viaje zombie antidote collectors ed.
  • Lost and found rebel bingo
  • Quesada oktoberfest 2015
  • Caldwell the last czar
  • Warped Black Honey New Release
  • Warped Skyflower new release
  • All Out Kings Gimme ur Lunch Money
  • Tatuaje the jackal
  • Fuente Eye of the Shark (whoa…60 gauge box press??)


Via Famous, two samplers.  Top row is basically one of everything in the NUB line.

Bottom row is the Best of Maduro sampler:

  • x2 CAO Brazilia Gol !
  • x2 Vintage 1990 Robusto
  • x2 Perdomo Lot 23 Robusto
  • x2 Camacho Triple Maduro Robusto
  • x2 Vudu Dark No. 13
  • x1 777 Zero Robusto
  • x1 777 Silver Robusto
 All double bagged and cooling in the freezer as I type.

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