New haul from Reddit and CoH

Today’s a good day. Took delivery of two boxes of Bolivar Petit Coronas, from Cigars of Habanos. CoH were excellent to deal, very fast, great pricing and that free worldwide shipping.

The bastards at Customs took $125-130 from each box.

Interesting to note CoH have cracked the seal to inspect, and resealed with Bovedas. Nicely done guys.

Interesting to note the slight differences in the dress boxes…


The box codes indicate that these were rolled in May and June 2016…fresh! Cigar bands are very tight, reaffirming the freshness of these puppies.


That Cuban smell…yessss…  However, I do note that in one of the boxes, about 1/3 of the sticks from the bottom level had a tiny bit of white mould near their heads. I wiped that off, no big deal.

I smoked one of these ROTT and its missing that buttery sweetness, but the creamy body is there and the grassy notes are very prominent. Suspect I will have to wait 6-12 months to even begin enjoying the near-term smokes.

One box is gonna be put away for 5-7 years minimum.

UPDATE 12/10/17: I’ve vacuum-sealed one of the boxes with a 62% Boveda pack. Plan to open once a year.


This was a delivery combining two orders from Reddit. Thankfully escaped the clutches of the Man – no green sticker here! Huzzah!

First, from bluesytone of Reddit


  • RoMa Craft CroMagnon
  • Warped La Hacienda
  • Warped Corto
  • Illusione Epernay
  • Tatuaje Havana Cazedore


L1050222Second, a 10 pack from Ciguard of Reddit.

I actually smoked one of these on Sunday (from an earlier purchase) and the flavours are like a mini LP9. The woody and muddy earth are present, but the sweet buttery goodness (as well as the hardcore nicotine) are not… I’m a bit so-so about these, and I guess they are better reserved for next winter.



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